A Yellow Sine Electronic musical instruments

Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director

Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director

A collaboration with Kilpatrick Audio, the Sextuple Quadraphonic Spatial Director (SQSD) is our first electronic music instrument. At its heart it is a performance-oriented "West Coast-format" module which makes possible easy and intuitive positioning of up to six sound sources, both in stereo and quad speaker configurations. Find out more here.

A passion for experimentation

Perhaps more than any other class of instrument, electronic music instruments have the potential to manifest previously unheard sounds, novel performance interfaces and unique opportunities for connecting with other musicians, artists and the audience. Choosing the right format for the right instrument is key - whether developed via analog hardware, as a virtual instrument, or somewhere in between.

A lifetime of creativity

My very first instrument was a synthesizer, which sparked a connection with electronic musical instruments that has been critically important for my whole life. In modular synthesizers I have found the composite building blocks to create systems of sound creation that allow for a great degree of expression. To build instruments that allow me to bring to life the sounds I imagine, and to empower others to find and develop their own practice, is my greatest passion.

Philosophy At the crossroads of form and function

Buckminster Fuller

City of interfluence

The futurism of the 1950s and '60s has had a profound influence on my design sensibilities. Montreal - the city that both played host to the Expo 67 World's Fair and serves as headquarters for the National Film Board of Canada, has been a hub for creative expression and forward-looking design for 70 years. The confluence of decades of aeshetic identities contained within the city I call home continually shapes my design choices.

Sine of the times

A play on Robert W. Chambers' The King In Yellow, A Yellow Sine was formed in 2021 by Patrick McMaster with an aim to design both hardware and software modular synthesizers and accessories for the electronic musician of the 21st century. For questions, comments or just to chat, reach out using the contact form below.